What is the Gift Off story?

Gift Off originated from an idea that one of our founders had, back in November 2013. Bitcoin was starting to take off and people were itching to use it, but in the UK very few merchants were accepting digital currencies. You could buy soap and web hosting, but that was about it.

To meet this new demand, we quickly created a site, which allowed cryptocurrency lovers to buy Amazon gift cards with bitcoin. Our UK customers were over the moon and the service was in demand, so we have gradually been adding more gift cards ever since, offering our customers as broad a range of retailers as possible and giving them a real chance to leave the fiat world behind. We also expanded to accept a whole range of digital currencies as payment, since bitcoin is most certainly not alone in the crypto world.

At the end of 2014, we opened up our service to Germany and France, allowing customers in Europe to shop at Amazon.de and Amazon.fr using digital currencies.

February 2015 saw us rebrand, with a new name and a new look to go with, not only our own continued growth, but the growth of digital currency adoption. Gift Off is now an exciting, rapidly developing company with big plans to make digital currencies easier to shop with than ever.

We strongly believe that this new technology is going to play a huge role in all our lives and we want to be there, offering great solutions for our customers, who are embarking on the digital currency journey with us.  


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