How do I use Gift Off?

We’ve worked really hard to make it as easy as possible to use Gift Off. You can sign up by choosing a username, entering your email address and a password then verifying your account. It’s as simple as that!

Once signed up, you can start shopping. Select the gift card you’d like to buy, enter the value and the cryptocurrency you’d like to pay with, then follow the instructions through our easy-peasy checkout. Once completed, you’ll receive an email confirmation and the e-gift card will become available to use in your Gift Off dashboard, or it will be sent to you directly via email.

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    And just where should I start shopping? I seem to be stuck on

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    Lois Foulger

    Hi Ross, we've added a hyperlink in the text above where is says, 'Gift Off' so that will take you to the homepage. Or here's the link:

    There was already a hyperlink in the text 'sign up' to take you straight to the sign up page.

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