I’m new to digital currencies. How do I make a payment?

Once you have selected your gift card, amount and currency, you will be taken to a payment page. The exact amount in your chosen currency will appear on this page. Be sure to check that all details are correct before making payment. Always check for any sender’s fees in the transaction, as they may cause underpayments, which will require full refunds or longer processing times.

The payment process is slightly different for bitcoin and altcoins:

Paying with bitcoin

When paying with bitcoin, first choose a gift card from our range and select a gift card amount. The amount in BTC will be automatically calculated and displayed. Once you are ready to pay click Buy Now and a Bitpay, bitcoin invoice will be generated. You then have 3 options to complete your payment:

  1. Copy and paste - Copy and paste our bitcoin address to pay directly from your own Bitcoin wallet.
  1. Click and confirm - If you have a desktop wallet installed simply select, Pay with Bitcoin and proceed with the transaction via your wallet, which will automatically be called forward.
  1. Mobile QR scan - If you have a Bitcoin wallet on your mobile, scan the QR code and input the transaction amount.

Paying with altcoins

For altcoins, a red box will appear instead of the Bitpay payment box. This red box contains the receiving address, which you should send the payment to. For altcoins, there is a button you should click to indicate that you've made a payment.

After making a payment you can check the status of your order in your dashboard whenever you like.


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